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Home Remodeling & Handyman Work for Charlotte, Matthews & Huntersville, NC

Has your home lost that “WOW” factor? Such an investment should never lose its appeal, but we understand; life happens. Some things go the wear-and-tear route after years while other things…well, you just don’t have time or the manpower to fix them.  Enter: PinkHouse Crews, the handymen who are trained to do the work for you. Let us be your go-to-guys for almost all home fixes your humble abode may need. Before the next major storm comes your way, before your guests pay you a visit for the holidays and before things grow into a bigger problem than they already are, contact us. 
Homeowners from all over the area have relied on us for years to get their homes in tip top shape, and we will do the same for yours. We offer the following and more to help improve your home: 
Home Remodeling Matthews, NC
Floor coverings – One of the biggest investment decisions you’ll make in your home is something to stand on, literally. Hardwoods, vinyl, laminate and other types of flooring can increase a home’s value, therefore the task should not be left to just anyone. We have a combination of several years in experience, ready to give your home the foundational renovation it deserves. 

Painting – There is nothing like a fresh paint job to transform a home. It is by far less costly than other forms of renovations, too. Exterior and interior paint jobs have the power to increase your home’s value; why wouldn’t you want a new coat or two to protect your walls? You probably have thought about it but the job of protecting your floors and furniture can lead to “I’ll put if off until the 28th of never.” That’s why homeowners call on us, we care about protecting your property from paint, too. We believe the new color belongs on your walls, ceilings, window and doors, not on your ottoman! 

Providing Services Across Matthews & Huntersville, NC

Cleaning – What do you like to do on your day off? Powerwashing? Window washing? If so, don’t call on us to take over these tasks. We will get the job done before your day is over and leave your house with an upgraded look that will command an increase in your home’s value. Nope, don’t call us to clean. Make the most of your Saturdays in the least relaxing way possible! 

Lawn care – A freshly-tapered lawn gives your home that curb appeal you deserve, while protecting your home from snakes and other pesky critters! But, the upkeep of a great grass can equate to a full-time job depending on the size of the lawn. It’s time to hand that tortuous chore over to PinkHouse Crews. We have the equipment for the maintenance of lawns of all acres. 
Home Remodeling Matthews, NC
HVAC – For your air conditioning, heating repair or maintenance needs, PinkHouse Crews is the one to call on. We work on your schedule and we will be on time. No need to worry about being overcharged either. Our Charlotte-area homeowners have been satisfied with our lower prices and greater customer service for over 30 years. 

Home maintenance can be a tough job, best left to the professionals with the tools to handle it all. When you try to DIY it, you risk convenience (broken fixtures in the bathroom, for example), limbs (a bad fall from light repair is no fun!) and most of all, life (no explanation needed). Whatever you do, don’t try to do it all on your own. 

Let PinkHouse Crews come out and assess your needs…and see how handy our handymen can be!
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