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The right gutters for your home 

In order to maintain your humble abode, get your mind IN the gutter. 
Your gutter should do more than just stand tall alongside your home. It needs to protect your home from the rain as it pounces on your roof and spills downward. It needs to reroute rainwater traffic, away from your basement. Before the next thunderstorm comes your way, make sure you have a gutter system that works to guard your home from flooding, mold and mildews, things that are the result of having water seep into your home due to bad gutters. 
A thorough gutter system will include the following five things to help protect your roof and the rest of your home: 

Flashing gutter protection. Flashing is the metal piece on a gutter which helps to protect from possible water damage to your home. We highly recommend flashing (although it’s not mandatory in most cases) if you want your shingles or exterior paint to last longer. Flashing also helps to increase the value of your home as it provides a neater appeal to the home. 

Seamless gutters. Secondly, your home deserves the best in today’s gutters. For this, we highly recommend seamless gutters, made from metal stock. These are the most popular type of gutters as they are custom-fitted on site at your home. You’ll want seamless gutters as they simply keep water away from your home! Reducing water means no basement flooding, and a lesser chance of mold. Seamless gutters are weatherproof, which is perfect for Charlotte homeowners with homes that endure all types of conditions, from thunderstorms to ice storms. 

The right gutter size. Next, you’ll want to ensure you have the right size of gutters for your particular home – no two homes are exactly the same size. The standard gutter size is five inches, however but you’ll want to enlist the help of a professional to measure the perfect size. Calculating the right gutter size is far from a simple task as it entails mathematical skills most haven’t used since high school! Again, leave this up to the professionals. 
Customized downspouts. Downspouts direct rain water from the roof to your grass or concrete ground. You’ll need downspouts that will also keep excess water and ice away from your window and doors. However, downspouts have a downside: they can clog when leaves and other debris fall into the downspout. This can block water and ice from flowing through the downspout and ensuring proper drainage. We can either replace worn downspouts or clean them, but we recommend you don’t try either of these, at home. 

The right warranty. We back our gutters and other services with a solid lifetime warranty. We have a vested interest in not only doing the work right the first time but in also keeping you as a satisfied homeowner for years to come. 

Your home maintenance isn’t complete without a thorough roof waste removal system – aka the gutter. And when the gutters aren’t doing its job watch out for a mess, literally! An overflowing gutter can not only leave your roof with leaves and other forms of debris, but you’re also looking at serious water seepage into your ceiling

Don’t let rainwater, as innocent as it may appear against your window, wreak havoc in your home if it isn’t flowing properly (and away!) from your roof. Let Pink House Crews come out and give you a free gutter inspection to see if your gutter needs replacing. 
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